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Tours and Adventure from Santa Catalina of Veraguas, Panama

Tour - Surf - Spearfishing starting from the little and charming town of Santa Catalina in Panama.

Located in one of the best spot in Central America, a world class wave, Cebaco Islands and Coiba National Park are an amazing playground where you’ll be able to express your passions with friends ! Stunning nature and remote area make just a part of your trip. A passionate and dedicated team will be here for you!



Panama - Coiba National Park - Isla Cebaco - Montuosa - Morro Negrito - Santa Catalina - Hannibal Bank



A small country bordered by two oceans Caribbean on the East and Pacific on the West side..

It’s the new Switzerland of the Central America, a country that is developing and continues growing.

Low-density population and a great land to enjoy.

These are just a few aspects that you could get at first sight in this country.


Santa Catalina?

Santa Catalina of Veraguas is a small fishing town on the Pacific, it’s the closest spot to the Coiba National Park and to other beautiful Islands as Cebaco or Montuosa;

If you like the Ocean, it’s the perfect place to be, uncrowded waves and Big Fish.

Panama was called “BANABA'” in the ancient language meaning Abundance of Fish…

In fact, this will be exactly what you will think while diving here. This area of the Pacific Ocean is rich of sea life and nutriments;

Fishing & Spearfishing

You’ll be able to fish the “Fish of your Dreams” in many moments during the whole year.

Cubera Snapper and Yellow Fin Tuna are the biggest rewards but not the only ones

…Also Wahoo, Dorado, Amberjack, Barracuda… are some of our catches.

Many sharks are spotted daily as white tip or also the whale shark in Coiba can be seen all year, the humpback whales are coming every July with their babies until October.

Our Ethic

First We respect the Nature. We like what we do and we do it for passion.

Spearfishing and Surfing are some of our activities we do here in the Pacific Ocean, is a strong activity for your body and mind. You will find a rewarded challenge fishing or surfing in this water, you can see big life around you and the ethic is part of our style anytime, we select our fish when we go fishing and we always want to have the lowest impact in the chain of life and the community around us, we do not pollute or limit much as possible always we protect the environment; the visibility under water sometime could be tricky and some spots can have some current; we recommend to be fit and in proper conditions to be ready for it!

Coiba National Park - Isla Cebaco - Montuosa - Morro Negrito - Santa Catalina - Hannibal Bank - Surf - Surfing - Spearfishing - Tour


 Surfing and Fishing

It’s a matter of passion! 

We will share our secrets, guided by the locals.

The aim is to enjoy the Ocean in all the possible ways, combining every waterman activities: Surfing, Fishing, Exploring the Sea Life, Chasing adventures in uncontaminated islands with an exclusive Tented Camp under the stars and next to the fire.


Contact us and we’ll make the perfect plan !

Coiba National Park - Isla Cebaco - Montuosa - Morro Negrito - Santa Catalina - Hannibal Bank - Surf - Surfing - Spearfishing - Tour


Coiba National Park and Surroundings, UNESCO HERITAGE

Santa Catalina of Veraguas it’s the closest town to the Park and the first port that serves Coiba National Park, it’s the marine reserve of Panama’s Pacific coast: 38 islands, labelled by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

During a regular day you’ll see the preserved lush vegetation and reefs, clear water, abundance of fish, coralline beaches, Whale Sharks, Mantas, Sharks, thousands of rare Birds…and this is just a taste of what this land can offer.

Coiba Island was a penal colony and thanks to the limited access and the lack of visitors it has preserved most of its natural resources.



Coiba National Park - Isla Cebaco - Montuosa - Morro Negrito - Santa Catalina - Hannibal Bank - Surf - Surfing - Spearfishing - Tour



Personally: I always preferred a long gun, here we suggest from 110cm up to 140/150cm

Wetsuit 3mm or also less.. Water temp: 27 ° C - 30 ° C

Bungee and breakaway, reels.

We could help with our Rob Allen guns: 

140 cm Carbon Tuna Gun

120 cm Tuna Gun

110 cm Roller Gun

some bungee, belts, weights, floats, and… please let us know your needs!!

Full equipment: $100 per day


Drone Video of your holiday from $150+ per edited video

Go-Pro 7 rent $50 per day

Mini Scooter Electric M365 Xiaomi for use in road of Santa Catalina only $25 per day

Surfboard $25 per day ask for the sizes available



Long Black T-Shirt $35

Short Black T-Shirt $25

1 free for all our Guests!


hold your breath

contact us

Do you need suggestion for your hotel or dive shop? any general Informations? For any adventure, we can custom the itinerary to accommodate your interests. If you have special requests send us a message and we will get back to you soonest as possible.

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A Unique Adventure looking for the best Nature from Santa Catalina: Coiba National Park, Cebaco Island, Hannibal Bank and other spots

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E-scooter for Santa Catalina

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