Spearbaby C.E.O.



 A great Captain and Fisherman, the local guide you’ve always dreamt.



Best surfer and local!

Great Oli Camarena! 

Sub Champion (Isa Surfing)

x4 National Champion

Pietro’s short BIO


Graduated in Economics in Italy, Venice

 Studied enough to understand that the city life wasn't the best solution for my future.

All started in Fuerteventura, Canary Island

The adventure started officially in Fuerteventura in 2008, after many years of playground in the Mediterranean Sea chasing the winter storms. I moved to Fuerteventura, in front of the Atlantic Ocean, here I was a Kitesurf Instructor and I got my first approach to surfing and spearfishing. 

Paracuru, Brasil

Experienced the Pousada Life Style, while teaching kitesurfing to tourists and fishing with locals, my best memory are the great and long downwind.

Ilha do Sal, Cabo Verde

 Here I experienced a series of adventures I will never forget but most of all I became friends with some local spear fishermen; I was used to go spearfishing almost everyday with them.

Fanjove Private Island, Tanzania

Lived off shore in a remote island with 11 km reef, amazing playground for Kitesurfing and Spearfishing; trained my skill and improve a lot, here we were living in a paradise

and now in Panama !

 After 10 years of travelling and working abroad I landed in Panama even if my starting goal was to reach Costa Rica I never left this beautiful country that now I call Home. So my journey begun in 2014 when I found The Spot.